Testosterone Booster Cycles and Doses

Testosterone Booster Cycles and Doses

Testosterone boosters are supplements designed to enhance your body's natural production of testosterone. Although some athletes choose to utilize synthetic forms of the hormone for performance enhancement, others prefer the safety of boosting hormone levels on their own. Different boosters have different active ingredients, but because they all do the same things, testosterone booster cycles remain similar. Doses, however, may vary based upon the product.

Tribulus Terrestris

One of the most common active ingredients in testosterone boosters is Tribulus Terrestris. Tribes around the world have turned to this plant-based compound for centuries to improve energy and strength, increase libido, and even boost fertility. Studies show that it naturally enhances the production of testosterone within the body, which in turn produces the benefits. Although clinical studies to determine the efficacy of the supplement are limited, enough evidence exists to make it a popular choice for performance enhancement. Many athletes choose it to improve strength, build muscle, and provide energy during their workouts.

Testosterone Booster Cycles

People who utilize testosterone boosters containing Tribulus Terrestris generally follow an eight-week "on" and two-week "off" cycle. This gives the product ample time to help raise natural hormone levels, but it reduces the likelihood of the compound having an adverse effect on your liver and kidneys. The two-week off cycle allows your liver to recuperate from the eight weeks of use. This cycle also maximizes the benefits of the product while helping to mitigate against the potential side effects.

Proper Doses

The right doses of testosterone boosters vary based on the product itself and the concentration of active ingredients. For the most part, while there is no established standard dose for this supplement, some studies do suggest an acceptable range. In one study, researchers provided a dose of about 1.6mg of Tribulus Terrestris per pound. In another, they gave 750mg a day in combination with other supplements. Although the results in both studies were arguable, many men experienced enhanced energy and strength. Most of the time, you should follow the dosage instructions found on the product packaging for the best results.

What to Avoid

Because these compounds work to enhance natural hormone levels, it is important that you avoid all synthetic forms of testosterone while you use it. Otherwise, too much testosterone in your body produces side effects such as irritability, acne, and stomach upset. You should avoid testosterone and testosterone boosters if you have heart problems, liver damage, or any kind of kidney condition as increased hormone levels can exacerbate these conditions. Some studies also suggest that high levels of testosterone may worsen the symptoms and effects of diabetes, fibromyalgia, and high blood pressure, too.

Although testosterone booster cycles vary quite a bit based on the supplement you purchase and your own inherent tolerance to the products, you can follow the manufacturer's dosing instructions and stick to the eight-week-on and two-week-off rule for the best results with the fewest side effects. No matter which booster you choose, be sure to weigh the risks and benefits of all of the ingredients before you use it.

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