Testosterone Boosters and the FDA: What You Should Know

Testosterone Boosters and the FDA

Testosterone boosters are dietary supplements, and like all other supplements, the guidelines by which the FDA regulates them are loose. You may have heard that dietary supplements are unsafe because they might not contain the ingredients claimed on the bottle or they may contain other ingredients not listed. However, with the right insight, you can make educated purchases that are safe and effective. 

What the FDA Does

Despite the rumors, the FDA does regulate finished dietary supplements (those ready for sale to the public) as well as the ingredients that go into them. However, these rules and regulations are not the same as those associated with either over the counter or prescription medications. Nonetheless, the companies that market supplements like testosterone boosters are held to a certain set of protocols in terms of marketing and package labeling.

Product Safety

The FDA requires that makers of supplements include certain information on the package label. This includes things like the name of the product, the word "supplement", the manufacturer's name and address, a list of ingredients, the net contents of the product, and the nutrition information associated with those contents, including the percentage or amount of each one of the ingredients.

The Good Manufacturing Practices

It is up to the manufacturer of a product to release information pertaining to the safety, quality, purity, and strength of any ingredient of a dietary supplement. According to many sources, since the FDA has more lax guidelines surrounding supplements, it is possible for individuals to purchase products that do not contain any of the active ingredient found on the label. However, this is not the case. The FDA makes it illegal for a manufacturer to list an ingredient or ingredient strength on the label (which is a requirement) without fulfilling that ingredient or ingredient strength in the package. Therefore, what you see on the label is what you should get according to the law.

What the FDA Does Not Do

The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements in the same way that it regulates prescription medications or OTC drugs like Tylenol or cold medicine. Thus, the FDA cannot provide any information regarding a products efficacy in any medical situation. For instance, a testosterone booster claims to boost testosterone production, but the FDA neither researches nor backs that claim. As such, the manufacturers themselves bear the responsibility of determining the safety and proper labeling of the product before releasing it for sale to the public.

What You Should Do

Before you buy any kind of supplement, including a testosterone booster, you should take the time to read the product label carefully. Pay close attention to the ingredients and their concentrations. Although companies can produce and market these products without prior FDA approval, they must do so according to the FDA guidelines, which are stricter than many people believe.

While it is true that the FDA regulation of things like testosterone boosters is not quite as stringent as the regulation of prescription and over the counter medications, it does still exist, and it still keeps you safe. Your responsibilities include reading the product labels carefully to discover the ingredients and their concentrations.

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