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Everything You Need to Know about Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are naturally occurring compounds that many people believe trigger increased testosterone production within the body. These products contain a substance known as Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that grows around the world and in dry climates where few other plants survive. Although studies are limited and the results are inconclusive, millions of people buy testosterone boosters containing this plant, so there must be something to it.

Where Does It Come From?

Tribulus Terrestris grows all over the world, but especially in dry climates such as deserts. People have used it for thousands of years for a variety of medical needs, including boosting libido and improving fertility. They use the root for male virility and the plant itself for general vitality. Today, many purport that the plant enhances athletic performance by enhancing the body's natural production of testosterone, the male hormone responsible for muscle growth and masculinity in general. Studies show that compounds called saponins in the plant have the greatest health benefits for athletes.

What Are Saponins?

Saponins are found in more than 100 different types of plant families, and their main characteristic is the ability to form stable foam. You can find them in beer, shampoo, and even soap. Many experts agree that dietary saponins help reduce high cholesterol and perhaps even lower your risk of developing certain types of cancers. Finally, some studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris for sale containing high levels of saponins (at concentrations of 40%) does a better job of increasing natural testosterone levels than products containing lower levels of these compounds.

Testosterone for Sale and Steroidal Saponins

There are different types of saponins occurring in nature, but the ones found in today's testosterone boosters for sale are steroidal saponins. In short, these compounds provide crucial building blocks for naturally occurring steroids, which means that they provide your body with more fuel for the fire. Whereas anabolic steroids provide the steroid in its entirety, saponins simply provide the building blocks for your body to create its own natural steroids – like testosterone. In turn, the stimulation and increased levels of testosterone boost muscle growth, energy levels, libido, and overall athletic performance.

Chemical Communication

To understand how the steroidal saponins in testosterone boosters for sale actually improve hormone levels, you must understand how the body knows how much testosterone to create in the first place. Certain proteins in your blood, known as albumin and globulin, receive testosterone and circulate it throughout the blood cells so that it can provide its physiological effects like masculinity, strength, and muscle development. When your body has enough testosterone, the albumin and globulin signal the pituitary gland, which in turn signals the testicles to halt production. Conversely, when there is not enough, these chemical signals reverse and tell the testicles to make more testosterone.

The Role of Steroidal Saponins

When you buy Tribulus Terrestris and consume it as a dietary supplement, two things happen. First, the foaming properties of the saponins remove cholesterol from cell walls and flush it through the digestive system, thus providing a better, more porous cell surface. Albumin and globulin can better circulate testosterone through these pores. It also improves and perhaps even facilitates the communication between these proteins and the pituitary gland. Second, these saponins provide the basic materials for new hormone production, which means that your testicles do not have to work quite as hard to create testosterone. Between these two benefits, testosterone levels increase.

As you can see, naturally occurring steroidal saponins, such as those found in Tribulus Terrestris, not only help the body make more testosterone naturally, but also facilitates its efficacy within the body. When you buy testosterone boosters for sale, you provide your body with fuel and improved pathways for chemical communication that boost strength and muscle growth.

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